Concorde TSP App Reviews

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Nice but needs save option!

Would be 5 stars if I could save images!

For education and fun!

Exact solutions to the traveling salesman problem have driven the development of integer optimization for a long time. This app provides a beautiful, fun to watch, visualization of the run of such a process. Maps can be generated randomly, read from the Internet, or chosen from some built-in examples. As an extra, photos from your iPhone can be turned into exciting line art! The current version has many illustrative animations that can help students understand complex combinatorial algorithms visually.

math is fun!

who would have thought?

Amazing and Fun

This is really a lot of fun to play around. My only problem is the "Germany 120" data set. 22 years after the reunion it still has only cities from West Germany!?! Seriously? Could you not find better data or is this a political statement? Maybe you should add a set of only Confederate States of America?


Nice app

Go Jackets

Unsurprisingly, cool.


This is proof their is "an app for that" Can't believe my eyes that someone made this app. Awesome

Great gee whiz app

This is an absolutely state-of-the art *exact* solution of the TSP ported to the iPhone. I wish it has a graphic interface for entering your own problems. That would make it 5 stars (I think the PC version has one).

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